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Changing The Channel From TV To The Pharmacy Boosts DTC ROI

Pharma brands can no longer afford to use TV-only strategies to maximize their potential patient population reach. Recent studies found that TV is delivering 4-5% recall rates and a third of ads are playing to an empty room, making TV advertising ROI a hard pill to swallow. There’s a better way to improve DTC ROI and targeting – it’s through the pharmacy, spearheaded by a patient’s trusted pharmacist.

While a TV spot still has its allure, the level of engagement provided through the pharmacy channel is more than a little compelling. The fact that 77% of surveyed respondents felt their pharmacist was a key member of their care team, and 58% trust their pharmacist to prescribe medication, coupled with the fact that patients visit their pharmacist up to 12 times more often than their prescriber, it makes the pharmacy an ideal communication strategy for brands to reach and convert their prospective patients.

The Adheris Health premier retail network includes the largest pharmacy chains in the US, comprised of 230 million people. But, unlike TV, when you cast a net into this population, our targeting is precise and delivers a highly qualified and highly engaged audience. We have multi-factor targeting capabilities beyond demographics such as co-morbidities, prescription behavior and experience to create your brand’s unique qualified audience. Through multi-channel offerings, we can reach this defined audience digitally via SMS text, with in pharmacy communications or with direct mail to their home to reach the patients most likely to respond to your message in a channel they prefer. Our approach enables brands to convert more patients, faster. One of our recent brand awareness programs yielded: an 11% SMS click-through-rate and over 80% incremental lift over control.

To learn more about empowering better health by creating more brand conversations and driving brand awareness to a highly qualified audience, book a meeting at


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