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First-Party Data

The Answer To A Cookie-less Future

While online cookies revolutionized online advertising and are a big part of a $600 billion dollar industry, advertisers need to prepare for the demise of third-party cookies. The reasons are two-fold. First, consumers have become increasingly leery of big tech companies thanks to the numerous data breaches made public over the last several years. Secondly, in states such as California, privacy regulations are changing, making data collection more expensive and riskier for advertisers.

Amidst the growing privacy concerns, Forbes reports that Apple, Google and Mozilla have already committed to phasing out third-party cookies. What does that mean for advertisers? It means targeting consumer/patient behavior is about to get much more difficult and it also means advertisers need to look for smarter digital solutions because the reliance on digital platforms will only most certainly continue to grow.

According to Heather Campbell, VP Marketing at Adheris Health, the changing online cookie landscape is actually an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to drastically improve their targeting. “Advertisers shouldn’t have to worry about a cookie-less online future because they should be using already available, first-person data from the pharmacy if they want to drastically improve their targeting and ROI,” explains Campbell. “The comprehensive data collected at the pharmacy provides a multi-dimensional view of a patient including their behaviors, prescription history and disease state background, just to name a few.”

These powerful insights are then translated into individualized digital brand messages delivered to the patient on behalf of their trusted pharmacist, who 77% of patients identify as a key member of their care teams. “Another key component is THRiV®, our intelligent patient management platform, that takes precision patient-centricity to the next level by delivering a truly unique medication journey for patients, which includes the right support, at the right time through patient-preferred channels,” says Campbell. “We have a holistic picture of the patient experience and innovative digital solutions to empower brands and patients and improve better outcomes for all.”

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