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Pharmacists The Answer To Primary Care Physician Great Resignation

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

A record number of primary care physicians (PCPs) are leaving their practices, creating a problematic gap in the American healthcare system that is costly to stakeholders and precarious for patients needing care. A recent American Medical Association study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings explains that PCP turnover results in nearly $1 billion in annual excess healthcare spending, and may be a contributing factor in worsening outcomes for patients because of a lack of PCP access.

This Great Resignation will likely see patients turning to their pharmacists for care management in greater numbers, fueling a trend that has already seen patients relying on their trusted pharmacist with growing confidence, year-over-year. New research, from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York City and Express Scripts Pharmacy, reports patients now have even greater trust in their pharmacists for their care management. In fact, 79% of patient respondents felt pharmacists were a reliable source of general health information beyond typical medication questions. Moreover, the research indicates that approximately 77% of patient respondents consider their pharmacist an integral member of their care team.

These colliding trends further highlight why brands should consider investing more heavily in the pharmacy as a key engagement touchpoint to reach and support patients. And with patients visiting their pharmacists up to 12 times more often than their PCP, it makes even more sense to optimize the pharmacy point-of-care. Brands can effectively deliver vital resources such as brand information, education, or financial assistance through the patient’s trusted pharmacist. These resources help to avoid potential negative outcomes such as disease progression or hospital admission, which are a large risk for patients without regular PCP interaction.

Adheris Health recognized the important role the pharmacist plays in the patient experience almost 30 years ago. We have established a robust presence and proven track record in the retail pharmacy environment, reaching over 50% of the American population with an average of over 33 million communications per year. Our suite of innovative solutions provides both the pharmacist and patient with the right support when they need it. From pharmacist communications to smart digital patient communications, supported by predictive analytics, we develop effective, individualized solutions that deliver results. Patients live healthier, and pharmacists and brands achieve their collective goal of empowering better health.

To learn more about how to bolster your brand against the dwindling level of PCP-to-patient interaction, and develop a customized brand program that leverages the pharmacy as a key engagement touchpoint, contact us today.


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