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Patient Anchor

patient solutions

interact directly with the patient 

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supercharge adherence – empower better health

Our newest innovation, THRiV, pairs our extensive knowledge and expertise in direct-to-patient communications with the largest patient and prescriber database to deliver intelligent solutions via our proprietary patient management platform. Using next-generation advanced analytic tools, including predictive modeling, we supercharge medication adherence and improve patient quality of life. Our innovative solutions deliver unprecedented, individualized patient experiences.


These advanced new models and methodology are exclusively available through THRiV, giving brands a smart solution with new innovative channels to reach the right patient at the right time with the right support, every time.

THRiV offers a comprehensive combination of resources designed to work synergistically to support patients when and how they need it most – digitally (anywhere), at the pharmacy or at home with direct mail.


THRiV   through digital


Support your patients wherever they are with digital communications sent on behalf of the pharmacist that directly link to a brand’s digital resources. And with 81% of people clicking on a sponsored link when looking for health information, this is a key outreach channel.


Make it easier for patients to be healthier by delivering high-impact resources – like video tutorials and financial savings – directly to their smartphone via text message to help mitigate abandonment and drive ongoing adherence.

THRiV   at the pharmacy


Every year, patients visit their pharmacist up to 12 times more often than their prescriber – that’s reach you don’t want to miss out on. Engage directly with precisely-targeted patients at this critical point-of-care to drive adherence, regardless of how they prefer to receive their prescriptions – by delivery, drive through or at the pharmacy counter.

THRiV   at home


Retaining patients is just as important as acquiring them. Drive them back to the pharmacy to refill their prescriptions with supportive education and resources delivered to their homes on behalf of their pharmacist. With 76% of people trusting direct mail for information, this channel is as relevant as ever.


acquisition and awareness

we know precisely who your audience is

Drive brand awareness and acquisition by directly engaging with precisely-targeted patients when they pick up their prescriptions — via our premier retail network​.

Professional Anchor

professional solutions

involve HCPs in the brand conversation

We connect brands directly with healthcare providers to ensure they play a pivotal role in the brand conversation at the most critical points-of-care.


Pharmacist/Pharmacy Staff Solution

  • Deliver important brand information to these key influencers to ensure they have the latest information to counsel patients and resources to support them.



Our Analytics Solutions provide powerful and intelligent brand insights by evaluating real-world patient behavior which we then use to make recommendations to help improve patient outcomes, increase medication adherence and most importantly better the patient experience.

We can answer the pressing questions about WHAT is happening for a brand, such as diving into the behavior of a brand’s prescribing physicians, competitors, and customers.  Our solutions provide our clients with new insights to grow their brand and patient base. 


We do this by aggregating pharmacy transaction data from our extensive pharmacy network which provides access to 60 million patients and over 720 million unique prescriptions.

This immense data set provides real-time insights to inform:

•  Market intelligence

•  Patient and prescriber profiling

•  Targeted messaging optimization

•  Customer insights

•  Marketing program effectiveness and ROI analyses

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Our dedicated brand teams are composed of industry experts in biostatistics, clinical and community pharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology, pharma marketing, economics, and consulting. These experts develop our customized interventions and programs to turn those actionable insights into reality, resulting in optimized patient reach, impact and outcomes for both the brand and patient.

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