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Empower Better Health


Medication non-adherence is costing patients The Power to Live Healthier     and brands, pharmacies and payers the power to make it happen. And the cost is steep – the estimated annual cost from non-optimized medication therapy is $528.4 billion and over 275,600 lives. We’re committed to turning these distressing trends around by supercharging adherence and empowering patients to live their healthiest lives. We have infused 30 years of experience and passion into smart digital innovations and advanced individualized patient engagement to help patients successfully start and stay on their therapy. 

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smart &



We’re constantly innovating. We have the industry’s most creative minds tirelessly challenging the status quo, and their most recent breakthrough is the innovative patient management platform called THRiV. The intelligent engine uses real-time insights to quickly adapt to patient needs and continually adjusts their individualized engagement plan. It delivers the largest patient & prescriber database, powerful predictive analytics, intelligent solutions to supercharge adherence and seriously good ROI! It’s smart & creative.

Learn more about THRiV and our other smart solutions here.


Up to 20%
of patients
never fill
their first prescriptions


another 30% drop off in the next 30 days

About Us

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passion drives us


We are thought leaders and determined innovators, and are laser-focused on individualized patient health & wellness engagement – and have been for 30 years. Adheris Healtha MedAdvisor    Company, is a pioneer and leader in direct-to-patient engagement in the US.



We understand the patient journey better than anyone and are passionate about empowering better health and improving the patient experience. It’s our second-to-none understanding of patient life that makes us really good at it. Plus, we get it because well, we’re patients too.

who we are


what we do


Support, motivate, empower. That’s what we do. We support the patient at every point-of-care, when and how they need it – with their prescriber, be it in-person or virtually; with their pharmacist; at home with direct mail or anywhere with smart digital solutions. We make what can often be an unpredictable and complex experience a whole lot easier. Whether we’re overcoming hectic lifestyles, a need for understanding therapy usage, or lack of affordability, we have the tools and resources to deliver individualized patient engagement plans to empower patients for a successful treatment journey and live their healthiest lives.​

living healthier is doable

we stand out

We deliver breakthrough performance because we never stop striving for better.

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our why

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Because we believe, as patients ourselves, that everyone deserves the best patient experience and support.

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To elevate performance for our clients and partners while simultaneously empowering patients to live their healthiest lives.





Our vision is clear –

to be the leader in transforming and individualizing patient health and wellness engagement.

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executive team

Rick Ratliff

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Managing Director

Julie Van Inwegen

Julie Van Inwegen0282-gs-WEB.jpg

SVP, Business

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Jenny McCann

VP, Account Services & Clinical

Jenny McCann0448-gs-WEB.jpg

Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson 2.jpg

President – US

Lori Caiazzo

VP, Technology

Lori C Headshot-GS.jpg

Heather Campbell

VP, Marketing

VP, Finance

Shafali Khandezwal0642-gs-WEB.jpg

Shafali Khandelwal

Susan Negro

Global VP,
Human Resources

US Corporate Attorney


Candace Lerman

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